2018 Titleholder Contestant & Charity Focus

Hello!  If you’re reading this there’s a good chance I’ve asked you for something - and that means you’re getting something back.  First (and most importantly), that’s a thank you.  Making sure you know I genuinely appreciate your consideration (and donation of time, service, items, goods, or money) is at the top of my list. Without you and your support, this would all be for show.

I've worked (and will continue to work) hard at putting together comprehensive information about my title and platform.  This is so that not only are my requests are clear, but to serve as an effort to be transparent in my service and goals.  After all, if I am asking things of others, it's only fair for me to put in work as well.

Review the individual sections, or download the printable version of my 2018 Titleholder Contestant Summary Packet PDF here.


1. SUMMARY:  The contestant and a brief explanation of their intended title and goals

2. CHOSEN CHARITY:  The Gurmilan Foundation

3. LEATHER PRIDE:  Overview and personal account from a previous titleholder

4. WEEKEND EVENT INFO:  Summary and schedule (there is actually fun to be had)

5. APPLICATION:  Submitting an app is the first part - then they have to select you as a contestant.

6. HOW YOU CAN HELP:  Where your donations will go, wishlists, sponsorships, etc.


I’m running for a local community title, which includes supporting a charity that I am passionate about.  https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/673AswlmTbl1OOaPpXyFp4SeTtbniECAeoLjDPhiRS8A77tx9aa6lrG5pUdDxkr-sSqGAqnj_YyD_WLM4K8EdTtNPiM3ygPKKSmexdq84q5ifzN_C16XdC6L90i8qtIQ6bRhgsxV

The charity I’ve chosen to support is the Gurmilan Foundation, founded by my friend Beto Gurmilan. 

Beto has been permanently disabled since the age of 15 due to a surfing accident that left him wheelchair bound.  He started the Gurmilan Foundation (a 501(c)(3) charitable organization) with the primary focus of assisting young disabled people in San Diego and Tijuana to acquire the opportunities they need to realize their full potential.            


Fun Fact:  Beto still surfs.

Nice, but what does that have to do with you winning a title (and fancy sash)?

The Leather community is a fetish subculture of the LGBT+ community, filled with people who are ethical and passionate about community service. 

The title I am running for is Ms. San Diego Leather 2018.

Leather Pride is not just a local scene or national community, it’s global: there are titleholders in cities all over the world.  If I win the 2018 title, I will be the 24th Ms. San Diego Leather titleholder since the contest began

It also means there will be scrutiny on me (spotlight time!) from not just locals, but other leather people throughout the nation and world.  It means I will set a new standard for leather title hopefuls, for those in leather communities, in kink communities, in LGBT+ communities, and those whom I represent directly.

It means that while there is definitely a fun side to Leather, this title is is something I am taking seriously: it is my ability to be a voice for those who have none.

And yes, if I win, I get to wear a big fancy leather sash... AND a medallion.

On a personal note...

In January of 2018 I earned my 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Interconnected Yoga; a Yoga Alliance accredited school.  This means my actions reflect on not just my amazing teacher, but all of my previous instructors and fellow teacher-trainee yogis.  As a contestant/potential titleholder I am overjoyed and ready to take my knowledge of the 8 limbs of yoga into the world: to promote mindfulness, peace, and the ability to believe in yourself.

        CONTACT:   Kira Renee |  info@ArtOfInfamy.com  |  619.928.4328