I'm humbled to have been accepted as a contestant-in-the-running for Ms. San Diego Leather 2018.  Site updates coming soon with info on my campaign platform, fundraising needs, and charity events.  Now go buy a ticket!

I've enjoyed the San Diego / Los Angeles BDSM and goth/industrial scene for sixteen years, and I am - when work/training isn't in the way - quite active in San Diego's local communities:  BDSM, kink, leather, LGBT+.

In 2011 I found Fetlife and it was down the rabbit hole from there.  In 2012 I became what you might call "formally" active, and moved forward by joining Club X, serving on their board of directors as Membership Coordinator, was an original member of the House of Black staff, am still an active member of both groups, and maintain relationships in good standing with the active staff/Officers of both those groups.  I've worked with San Diego Leather Pride/Realm, been active at BDSM & LGBT charitable events, and done set-up/tear-down at local events. 

There's a saying that goes along the lines of "Don't bitch, volunteer", and I've certainly walked my fair share of volunteer steps.

I've attended kinky conventions, taught a few classes/presentations, and look forward to bringing many more of you over to the dark side.  I also read nearly everything I can get my hands on.

As far as I am concerned, kink is no longer just a term for "weird shit you do on the weekend".  It is an entire lifestyle that is deeper and more open that anything I have ever experienced. Kink has changed my life for the better, and helped me in ways I never thought possible.

My "vanilla" life is full with work and study, but I thoroughly enjoy going to local events (and adopting more clients) when my schedule permits.  At this time I am not looking for anything (in the realm of kink) beyond education.

I have been interested in all things BDSM/adult for over 20 years, have worked off and on in the adult industry since 2003, and dabbled in Pro-Domme work from 2003-2007 (on and offline).  I have been “officially”  Lifestyle since 2012, including being VERY active in My local community, trained personal submissives, and am a kink-friendly writer (my work includes ghostwriting, blogging, marketing, standard research/whitepapers, and philosophical articles).  I do my best at continually educating myself, and enjoy watching the evolution of All Things Kink.

In early 2016 I made a decision to go back to profiting from my most enjoyable lifestyle, and decided to return to the Professional side of BDSM.   I am fortunate enough to know and have worked with numerous (and legendary) Professional and Lifestyle Dominas, Mistresses, Goddesses, Dominants, Masters, and those of the Alpha persuasion.  These catalysts of the BDSM/kink world have decades of experience, which is part of why My clients are required to show Me the utmost respect, so as not to do a disservice to my mentors' names.  You will surrender a part of yourself to Me, allowing Me to craft you into someone respectable, who can be taken out in polite society.

Over the past 2 years I have discovered the Leather community, and am being mentored on my own leather journey (which currently includes having earned a vest, and working toward a local title).  The service aspect of Leather calls to me deeply, which is a large part of why I expect only the finest and most respectful attention from my /s-types and/or clients.

I love, love, LOVE playing with Leatherfolk.  I thoroughly enjoy the primal, raw, male energy that Leather Daddies emanate, and will happily session with leather /s types, and (human) pets (pups, foxes, kitties, etc).  Leather /s types bring out my Primal Top, and I will not hesitate to put them under My boot.

Beyond all that, I find it very fulfilling to talk to anyone who has a genuine curiosity about all of this.  Find me around town, or drop a line.  I promise I only bite when I'm on the clock.