I am Kira, The Infamous.

One of the most likely things you'll first notice about this website is that the writing is lengthy. 

Sparing us all a lengthy monologue:  TL; DR - I absolutely loathe when people whine about having to read too much text. 

Those who have had the pleasure of bottoming to me have always commented positively on the energy, my skills, technique, and connection after our scenes together.  I rarely play casually and request at least one in-person meeting before any scenes, no matter how basic.  Our first scene will always be at a local establishment, during a hosted event. 

I do not tolerate any substance use (drugs, alcohol, excessive caffeine) during our scenes not only for safety's sake, but to make sure you are in full understanding and appreciation of the experience.

Scenes with those outside of my primary relationship do not include sex, however I can guarantee an enjoyable and entertaining time. 

While I certainly enjoy helping you peer around the edges of your boundaries (physically or mentally painful), I am highly empathetic and pride myself on caution.  I will go as far as you will permit, including permanent marks, but never beyond your version of Red - which is why I require you to be as sober as possible.

My absolutely hard limits include the obvious: no animals, no children, no necrophilia.  Some of my other hard limits include no fire, electricity, sounding, urine/feces, gun play, race play, abduction/rape play, waterboarding, asphyxiation (i.e. plastic bag over the face).  There are more, and I'm happy to discuss in person.


I do, however, like playing with your mind.

Tell me all the things, and we'll see what we can do to make them more...interesting.

In a more Professional sense........

- The Potential Client or Prospect - are to refer to Me as “Miss Kira” or “Miss”, or “Ma’am”, in that order, unless I state otherwise.  If you are unsure, always fall back to “Miss Kira”.

First and foremost:  I DO NOT offer sex or sexual services.  I will not respond to or entertain requests for sexual services.  This is not about sex.  If you would like to have sex with someone, save U/us both the time and look elsewhere.

[ Go on, I’ll wait.]

Now that we’ve moved past that, you should now consider yourself to be in the right place at the right time.

Let’s talk about Me, shall we?  While this is by no means the full extent of My kinky ‘resume’, rest assured you are at the beginning of your new lifestyle: in service to Me.

You will find Me to be a challenge, as I am a sadist who is fond of logical discussions.  These usually end in My telling you to somehow, as best you can, work it the fuck out.

I practice both RACK and SSC.  I have references.  Do you?

Session requests must be 48 hours in advance.  I am always willing to entertain discussions to those new to the lifestyle, as education is My passion.

I offer BDSM services.  These services do not and will not constitute acts of a sexual nature.

I absolutely WILL NOT entertain requests for sexual services.  I am not an escort or a prostitute.

THERE. WILL. BE. NO. SEX. during our sessions.  

There will be NO NUDITY on My part during our sessions.

There will be NO DRUG OR ALOCHOL USE during our sessions.  (If you show up under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be asked to leave.)

I appreciate and will work with ALL genders, ALL orientations, couples, and/or poly folks.  I love to mentor, train, and educate.  If you are new, nervous, or just plain curious, contact Me.  Helping you understand yourself (and your needs) is just a small part of what I do.  Think of Me as your kinky life coach.


- Thou shalt put My needs first.

           I have your best interests at heart.

- Thou shalt not bitch.

           This is classified as whining, and nobody likes a whiner.

- Thou shalt understand that I write a great deal.

           If you don’t take the time to read, I will not take the time to deal with your nonsensical questions.  Respect Me by proving your literacy.

- Thou shalt spoil and pamper Me.

           If you’re unsure how to do this, just give Me all your money.  After making sure My needs are met, the remainder of it will be going to the Humane Society.

- Thou shalt be clean.

           If you choose to show up to a session in a less-than-hygienic manner, we will spend your session discussing why you have done so, as you are not just wasting My time but your own.  You will then be cleaned and simultaneously chastised so as to never disrespect Me again in such a manner.  Multiple offenses will ensure that your sessions with Me will end.

- Thou shalt not send Me unsolicited pictures of your disgusting genitals.

- Thou shalt Not send Me unsolicited pictures of your disgusting genitals.

- Thou shalt NOT send Me unsolicited pictures of your disgusting genitals.

           If you do, I will ruin you.  It will be a waste of time and utterly unenjoyable for everyone.

- The punishment may not always fit the crime.

           Realize that again, I have your best interests at heart.  I know what you want, and I know better than you do how to get you there.


           I have many talents, but as of yet, mind-reading is not one of them.

- Thou shalt not expect Me to cater to your needs.

           This is a time where you devote yourself to Me, and understand that I will change you into a better person.  It will most likely hurt.


In No Particular Order… Things I Enjoy
reading, coffee, tea, massages, spa treatments, pedicures, manicures, fresh haircuts, traveling, art, succulents, cats, taking your money, running the world

Session Types:  domestic service - tea service – human furniture – bondage – corporal punishment – foot worship – shoe worship - flogging – spanking –  mind games – fear play – TPE – sissy play – impact – smothering – restraint – etiquette training – biting - humiliation – blackmail – organization – kinky yoga – sadistic motivation – passive aggressive / ignore mode – financial domination – interrogation – uniforms – head shaving – princess brat – sensory deprivation – CBT – and more.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING involving sex, vomit, feces, urine, most bodily fluids, children, animals, necrophilia, drugs, alcohol, or various other illegal/immoral activities.  Don’t be a jackass.

Rules & Limits will be discussed and defined to make your sessions as perfect as possible.  I reserve the right to change My mind at any time to ensure a safe and enjoyable session for U/us both.

I sometimes utilize a demerit system.  As a client, you will find Me much less lenient than if you were My personal /s-type.  Requests to be My personal /s-type will ONLY be considered if you have been a regular, faithful, decent client for at least three months.

I have been interested in all things BDSM/adult for close to 20 years, have worked off and on in the adult industry since 2003, and dabbled in pro-domme work from 2003-2007 (on and offline).  I have been “officially”  Lifestyle since 2012, including being VERY active in My local community, trained personal submissives, am a kink-friendly writer (including ghostwriting, blogging, marketing, standard research/whitepapers, and philosophical articles).  I do My best to continually educate Myself, and enjoy watching the evolution of Kink.

In early 2016 I made a decision to go back to profiting from my most enjoyable lifestyle, and decided to return to the Professional side of BDSM.   I am fortunate enough to know and have worked with numerous (and legendary) Professional and Lifestyle Dominas, Mistresses, Goddesses, Dominants, Masters, and those of the Alpha persuasion.  These catalysts of the BDSM/kink world have decades of experience, and you will show Me the utmost respect so as not to do a disservice to their names.  You will surrender a part of yourself to Me, allowing Me to craft you into someone respectable, who can be taken out in polite society.

Over the past 2 years I have discovered the Leather community, and am being mentored on My own leather journey (which currently includes having earned a vest, and working toward a local title).  The service aspect of Leather calls to Me deeply, which is a large part of why I expect only the finest and most respectful attention from My /s-types and/or clients.

I love, love, LOVE playing with Leatherfolk.  I thoroughly enjoy the primal, raw, male energy that Leather Daddies emanate, and will happily session with leather /s types, and (human) pets (pups, foxes, kitties, etc).  Leather /s types bring out my Primal Top, and I will not hesitate to put them under My boot.

My personality and play style can range from cheerful sadist to condescending bitch.  You are coming to Me, not I to you, and I will not pander to your whims because the scene didn’t go your way, or because I don’t look a certain way.

Speaking of looks:  I am petite, blonde, fair, and curvy.  I live an active life, teach and practice yoga, and hit people for fun.  I am shorter than you might expect, none of which matters as you will most likely be under My boot, or hooded, or restrained.  I take good care of My feet, hands, and hair, and expect to be pampered so that My body and life stay on the path of healthiness.  I expect nothing less from my clients.

Rest assured … give yourself over, and you will forget everything but Me.  I have made grown men weep at my feet, turned them into drooling idiots, and they have thanked me for it.  I have management experience and can be harsh or kind; your attitude will determine My mood.  Those that prove their worth will begin to see My true interior – a nurturing, caring, and empathetic individual.  I can be sympathetic to your needs, actually responding when – not if – you use your safewords).

If you are looking for a Female Dominant that is approachable and prone to sarcastic geeky things, you’ve found Her.  I appreciate intelligence, wit, service, respect, and clients who understand that the baggage check is outside the dungeon, not in My Inbox.  I am here to help you, not listen to your inane whining for validation.  You will fear, cherish, and respect Me, and you will thank Me for all I have made you into.  With My training, you will flourish into a delightful human, and I will find My work to be deeply satisfying.  Any less will not be tolerated.